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Make your stickers really stand out with a custom die cut

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A custom die cut adds 'pop' to any sticker or decal design because it pulls your artwork out of the standard shapes that most stickers are constrained to, and can make even the most basic design really stand out.


Since we use digital cutting technology, there are endless custom shapes that can be created. WE DO NOT CHARGE ANY SET UP FEES for die cut shapes, which allows you to truly customize your order


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How do you create the custom die cut?

We use a digital plotter, so we don't have to make an actual 'die'.  We create a digital cut path on the computer around your sticker design which the plotter reads at the time your stickers are cut. A blade follows the cut path around the outside of your sticker effectively cutting it out of the sheet.

Can you create a custom die cut for small stickers and labels?

Absolutely! We can create a die cut for any size sticker, no matter how big or small they may be.

Here's a video of our brand new sticker cutter